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Car Insurance Quotes | Compare Car Insurance | South Africa

Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

Car Insurance has become a necessity in South Africa.  Almost 66% of all vehicles on our roads are not insured!  Therefore, even if you are the most careful driver and are involved in an accident, chances are good that the other vehicle is not insured.  This will leave you to foot the bill in order to repair damages to your car.  Alternatively you'd have to...

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Cars at Call | Car Rental in South Africa

Affordable Car Rental, South Africa

Rent a car from anywhere in the major cities in SA

Welcome to Cars at Call, where we guarantee hassle free cheap car hire in Cape town and all other major cities in South Africa.

Gain access to a wide range of new, modern and reliable vehicles at the click of a button. Whether you require a cheap run-around in manual or automatic, or an affordable 4x4, top-end...

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Affordable Medical Aid Plans in South Africa - MEDSHIELD

The need for affordable medical aid plans in South Africa has never been more acute than it is today. The combination of an escalating cost of living and a slower than expected recovery from the global economic recession, has left many of the country's citizens looking for various ways in which they can reduce their spending. Most affected on the healthcare front have been the lower paid and...

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Car insurance

How do you know which car insurance company is best?

Are you looking for the perfect car insurance calculator? An ingenious online form where you'd only need to complete a few personal details, click on submit - and voila, within a few milliseconds, one or more car insurance quotes display on the...

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Car Insurance | Compare Car Insurance Quotes | CompareGuru

Benefits Of Quick Quote

Our online process only take 60 seconds to complete

You will receive a variety of car insurance quotes, collated by our expert insurance brokers, from trusted insurance companies

Your short term insurance policy will be reviewed annually, on your behalf, to ensure you are still getting the most value for your money

What Is Car Insurance?

Ask yourself these questions:


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Used cars for sale in South Africa, Second hand car deals ...


Used cars for sale in South Africa

Try our used car search to quickly find matches to your desired vehicle criteria or browse our used cars for sale stock below by either your preferred car brand, area, category or our top car model searches.

Browse Used Cars by Brand

15) Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Tips on buying used cars

Please note that tips provided on buying used cars are meant...

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Home Insurance | Get Home Insurance Quotes & Cover your ...

Submit your information to save up to 35% on your insurance

Home Insurance with CompareGuru

Summary of Home Insurance

The feeling of belonging is priceless and it's one of those sentiments that people spend most of their lives searching for. So once you have a house to call your home, protecting it should be an unquestionable matter of importance.

Whether it's the building itself, or the...

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Life Insurance Policies | Life Cover Quotes from Old Mutual

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When to get life cover

When you get married, start a family or when you have family - anyone for that matter - who is dependent on you. That's when you should consider life insurance policies.

Why do I need life insurance?

Ask yourself this - is there someone other than yourself who is dependent on your income or salary? If your...

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Netstar Car Tracker - Insurance South Africa

Netstar Car Tracker

Why install a NETSTAR Vehicle Tracking Device in your vehicle?

Netstar pioneered the industry in SA, and has proven itself in over ten years of operations.

It is the most preferred vehicle tracking system, as evidenced by it being the largest in terms of monthly sales and total vehicles under its protection.

Netstar has successfully recovered over 20,000 stolen and hijacked...

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