Insure U for Small Business: Business Property and Liability

Computers and other data processing equipment

Valuable papers, books and documents

Artwork and antiques

Television sets, VCRs, DVD players, satellite dishes

Signs, fences and outdoor property not attached to a building

Non-tangible items such as trademarks and copyrights

There are three types of property insurance plans:

Basic form, which includes losses resulting from a fire, lightning,...

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Insurance Terminology Flashcards | Quizlet

A dangerous place, condition, or object that is particularly attractive to children


A written amendment to an insurance policy that reflects changes to it


Buying more insurance than is necessary

Replacement Value

The cost of replacing an item regardless of its actual cash (market) value

Coinsurance Clause

A provision requiring policyholders to insure their building for a...

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Cheap SR22 Insurance |

All About SR22 Insurance

The first thing you need to do is contact your car insurance company. In most states there is a $15 to $25 fee to file the SR22.

To obtain an SR22 filing, you must purchase minimum liability coverage on all vehicles registered to you, whether they are operational or non-operational. For those who do not own a vehicle, "non-owners" liability coverage is required.


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Auto Insurance Basics - RMIIA

Your car insurance is really six separate policies--some are required, others optional--carefully weigh your risks when buying protection for you and your family.

Carole Walker, RMIIA

Auto Insurance Basics

Policy Components

Think of your auto insurance policy as six separate policies. Some types of coverage are required by state law, depending on where you live. Others are optional. Consider each...

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Van and Business Vehicle Insurance | Business - Aviva

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Business Car & Company Van Insurance | Aviva Business

Business vehicle and van insurance

Whether you rely on your van or car to get you from A to B or if it's a crucial part of your job, Aviva business vehicle insurance gives you the protection you need. Choose from either comprehensive or third party, fire and theft cover...

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How to Write an Insurance Claim Letter - Best Sample Resume

57724, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Dear Mr. Steward,

This letter is regarding an insurance claim on my car, which got damaged recently in an accident. The contract number for my policy is IJ63275.

On the 13th of January 2011, my car, a Toyota Camry, was parked in the street below where I live. When I came downstairs to take my car, to run some errands, I noticed that my car was severely side swiped on...

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How To Germany - Vehicle Insurance in Germany

Vehicle Insurance in Germany

Before a person can register a car in Germany he or she must have proof of third party liability coverage for all damage or injury to another person, car or object. While collision or comprehensive insurance isn't required by law, most institutions financing the purchase of a vehicle do require it. This can raise the insurance bill considerably, and insurance is not...

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Welcome to Maruti Insurance | Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance

1500+ Cities Part of Network

Why Maruti Insurance?

Eight Reasons to Choose Maruti Insurance

Near Cash-less Accident

Repairs Pan-India

You can avail Cash-less accident repairs across India, at Maruti Suzuki's extensive network of dealers and service stations. You do not have to pay for the whole cost of repairs. You are charged only for the compulsory excess and applicable depreciation as per the...

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Insurance Doctor Virginia & North Carolina: Compare Car ...


Watch our videos to quickly learn about our approach to affordable insurance.


Si usted es un conductor seguro o tiene problemas con su registro de manejar, si usted no está de compras duro y compras inteligentes para su seguro de automóvil cada año, usted probablemente paga demasiado.



Our commitment to all of our customers is to find the best affordable auto insurance and motorcycle insurance to meet their needs.

Whether you are a safe driver, have had bumps in the road with your driving record, or...

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New York Insurance Discounts: New York Car, Home & Life ...

Home Insurance Discounts

New York Insurance Discounts

We may argue over the best slice of pizza in town, but New Yorkers can agree on who's got smart insurance coverage at smarter prices.

You are here Farmers right arrow Insurance Discounts right arrow New York Insurance Discounts

Save on Quality Coverage in a New York Minute

Auto Insurance Discounts

From the Five Boroughs up through Watertown,...

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Aviva car insurance | ATL - The Education Union

When you get an online quote it'll be the best price you'll be able to find using and you'll be supporting your union by doing so.

Why choose Aviva?

Let our customers tell you - We're the first car insurer to share our customer claim reviews on our website and most of our customers rate...

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